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We offer a range of kids dance classes including RAD Ballet, NZAMD Jazz, NZAMD Tap, NZAMD Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. 

We focus on fun, structured, dynamic classes that will teach them movement and so much more.

Our Dance Classes

Our passion is to make each child feel like a somebody, and not just a number.

Our RAD Ballet and NZAMD classes are based on a syllabus where kids learn a range of exercises to prepare them for the option of sitting an exam once a year.

Our hip hop classes are fun and interactive and teach kids the skills and techniques for different hip hop styles.

We have an end of year show where all kids get the chance to perform on stage.

RAD Ballet

5+ years

Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus classes break down ballet technique and performance requirements.

Each year builds and develops greater understanding and there is an option of sitting an exam.

These classes are fun but structured.


5+ years

NZAMD American Jazz is an exciting syllabus choreographed by Keith Clifton. The syllabus is designed with comprehensive warm ups, stretches, floor work, progressions from corners with turns, kicks and jumps and fun combinations.

NZAMD Contemporary

7+ years

The NZAMD Contemporary syllabus is choreographed by Ann Dewey. It focuses on Contemporary principles such as weight, flow, movement and gravity, encouraging students to focus on freedom of movement and spatial awareness.


5+ years

NZAMD American Tap consists of barre work, centre work, and set or teachers’ own choreographed dances. Keith Clifton’s choreography develops an exciting rhythmical array of beats throughout the levels, taking NZAMD tap well into the 21st century.


5+ years

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture.

These classes are fun and a relaxed style that will leave kids wanting more.

Musical Theatre

5+ years

This class will teach your child all about the wonderful world of performing arts. With aspects of drama, dance & singing.

Takapuna Classes

Takapuna Dance Classes

Silverdale Classes

  • RAD Pre-Primary Ballet Exam Class

    Fri, Sat

    45 min

  • RAD primary ballet suitable for 6 yrs.


    45 min

  • This class is a RAD syllabus class for 7-9 year olds

  • RAD grade 4 ballet exam class

  • RAD Intermediate Foundation ballet syllabus class for kids 11+.

  • Conditioning for Pointe and RAD Inter-Found + Intermediate pointe


    30 min

  • This is an RAD syllabus class for advanced students only

  • RAD Grade 8 ballet. Suitable for students aged 14+ with at least 3 yrs...

    Mon, Thu

    1 hr

Silverdale Dance Classes

They haven't tried dancing before? PERFECT!

We promise an interactive, fun and inclusive class that not only engages them, but teaches the foundations of different dance genres.

Why MDS?

MDS in an environment where everybody is a somebody.

Fun, interactive and progressive classes that will leave them engaged and wanting more. With our advanced skill set we are able to pass on our knowledge and teach technique and performance that will help your child achieve their goals in a wide range of genres. Whether dance is just for fun or they want to reach for those dancing stars, MDS is the place to make that happen!

We would love to have them as part of our community!


I absolutely LOVE the studio, the classes and of course the incredible teacher! I have never been the most coordinated when it comes to dance but Kelly's Barre classes are something else. They target every single muscle in your body and I leave class feeling like I have had a fantastic workout while still feeling feminine. The studio is divine and is a beautiful place to have a workout! Thank you Kelly for all you do for your clients! We LOVE YOU!

Sarah W


Our classes are intentionally small to give you a personalised service where we can really focus on you.

We have different pricing options available to suit your lifestyle and offer a free trial for your first class.

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