The vision behind MDS.

Welcome to a school of dance that not only focuses on increasing knowledge and technique to master the skill of dance but a place where people can really find their self worth and true happiness.


MDS has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. A place where people can feel and explore who they truely are. Dance makes me feel alive and it is a huge ingredient in making me who I am and was meant to be. My passion and love for this form of art is something I want to share with as many people as I can of all different ages and skill level. So that, they in turn can find their happy place and feel worthy and beautiful for exactly who they are.


We offer a variety of classes, from Ballet to  Jazz to Hip Hop and also classes that cater to non dancers who want that dancers body and vibe. Something really important to me is that every person matters so small class numbers are essential.


We want to help you find the perfect class for you and your loved ones.



We have a range of classes for children aged 18 months up to 5 years.

Classes include aspects of ballet, jazz and hip hop for kids to experience a variety of dance and learn a range of skills using props and interactive music. Classes can be attended weekly or on a casual basis.


Classes designed for anyone over 16  for anyone who is new to dance and those that have done a fair bit of dance. 

Our classes include Adult Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical & contemporary), Circuit and Barre (fusion of Dance, Pilates & Yoga)


We offer a wide range of classes for school aged students. NZAMD Jazz, Tap & Contemporary and RAD Ballet, Musical Theatre as well as Hip Hop. Some classes have optional exams and others are less structured. All classes have the option of taking part in our end of year show


Kay E

I'm not a gym person at all, so it's been really difficult to find a type of exercise I liked and stuck to. The barre class at Mainly Dance Studio is awesome, it is a solid all body workout but delivered in a fun, no pressure way. I did ballet for 8 years and the barre class has really helped bring that strength and tone back after some surgery. Kelly is a fantastic teacher and ensures that MDS is a welcoming and friendly place to workout.

Yvonne B

I have been going to MDS for over 6 months now, after finding a note on the Glenfield community page. I had been looking for a while into adult dance classes and am so glad to have found MDS. It's so much fun and not only exercises the body but the brain too. MDS has a great range in options for adults and I really enjoy the challenges Kelly gives us at each lesson. Kelly is an exceptional teacher, a great listener and always encouraging. I really enjoy every aspect of these dance classes. Highly recommend to all!

Sarah W

I absolutely LOVE the studio, the classes and of course the incredible teacher! I have never been the most coordinated when it comes to dance but Kelly's Barre classes are something else. They target every single muscle in your body and I leave class feeling like I have had a fantastic workout while still feeling feminine. The studio is divine and is a beautiful place to have a workout! Thank you Kelly for all you do for your clients! We LOVE YOU!

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