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Mainly Dance Studios

Where everybody is a somebody.

Welcome to a school of dance that not only focuses on increasing knowledge and technique to master the skill of dance but a place where people can really find their self worth and true happiness.

Our passion is to make each person feel like a somebody, and not just a number. Our classes are intentionally small to give you a personalised service where we can really focus on you.


Our pre-school classes use modern music and movement that inspires and will leave your child wanting more. We use props to keep the kids engaged and having fun while learning foundation dance technique.


We offer a range of kids dance classes including RAD Ballet, NZAMD Jazz, NZAMD Tap, NZAMD Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. 

We focus on fun, structured, dynamic classes that will teach them movement and so much more.

Adult Dance

Adult dance classes are catered for anyone who has never danced before, to people who have done a fair bit of dance. We focus on getting a good workout while learning the basics and exploring movement and music. These classes is perfect for anyone who wants to dance!


BARRE is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre in a fun, energetic, workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body.

New to the studio?

We are confident that we can find the perfect class for you. Whether dance is your thing, or you're for a great new way to workout, we want to find the best fit for you!

Come and join us for a free trial. 

About us

The vision behind MDS.

MDS has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. A place where people can feel and explore who they truly are.

Dance makes me feel alive and it is a huge ingredient in making me who I am and was meant to be. My passion and love for this form of art is something I want to share with as many people as I can of all different ages and skill levels. So that, they in turn can find their happy place and feel worthy and beautiful for exactly who they are.


We offer a variety of classes, from Ballet to Barre and also classes that cater to non dancers who want that dancers body and vibe. Something really important to me is that every person matters so small class numbers are essential.


We want to help you find the perfect class for you and your loved ones.


Kay E

I'm not a gym person at all, so it's been really difficult to find a type of exercise I liked and stuck to. The barre class at Mainly Dance Studio is awesome, it is a solid all body workout but delivered in a fun, no pressure way. I did ballet for 8 years and the barre class has really helped bring that strength and tone back after some surgery. Kelly is a fantastic teacher and ensures that MDS is a welcoming and friendly place to workout.


Vania L

I bought my pre-schooler for her first class with you this morning. 

On our way home Emily told me her class was "SUPER AMAZING".
Thank you, we WILL be back!


Rachel D

I always wanted to give barre a go so finding Mainly Dance Studios has been a game changer. I'm absolutely loving it! The classes are great, super easy to follow but a fantastic workout. I love that they are suited to all levels and work you top to toe. Kelly is awesome, super friendly and fun. I am addicted now and my week would not be the same without my barre classes.

What our clients say.

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