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Welcome to a school of dance that not only focuses on increasing knowledge and technique to master the skill of dance but a place where people can really find their self worth and true happiness.

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Kay E

I'm not a gym person at all, so it's been really difficult to find a type of exercise I liked and stuck to. The barre class at Mainly Dance Studio is awesome, it is a solid all body workout but delivered in a fun, no pressure way. I did ballet for 8 years and the barre class has really helped bring that strength and tone back after some surgery. Kelly is a fantastic teacher and ensures that MDS is a welcoming and friendly place to workout.


Yvonne B

I have been going to MDS for over 6 months now, after finding a note on the Glenfield community page. I had been looking for a while into adult dance classes and am so glad to have found MDS. It's so much fun and not only exercises the body but the brain too. MDS has a great range in options for adults and I really enjoy the challenges Kelly gives us at each lesson. Kelly is an exceptional teacher, a great listener and always encouraging. I really enjoy every aspect of these dance classes. Highly recommend to all!


Sarah W

I absolutely LOVE the studio, the classes and of course the incredible teacher! I have never been the most coordinated when it comes to dance but Kelly's Barre classes are something else. They target every single muscle in your body and I leave class feeling like I have had a fantastic workout while still feeling feminine. The studio is divine and is a beautiful place to have a workout! Thank you Kelly for all you do for your clients! We LOVE YOU!

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