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Reformer Pilates

A pilates based workout on the reformer machine. The reformer Pilates machine isolates your muscles for a low-impact workout that tones the core and helps rehab injuries.

What is Reformer Pilates?

Reform Pilates is a whole body workout. It's designed to improve strength and boost flexibility, balance, posture and coordination.

The reformer is a bed-like machine that moves back and forward and features functionalities (i.e. springs) to increase resistance as you workout. Each guided class features a series of coordinated and science-backed movements that improve strength while focusing on correct posture combined with breath work. 

Our Reformer Clases

  • A pilates based workout on a reformer machine.

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Haven't tried Reformer before? PERFECT!

We promise an amazing workout, great community and that you will feel better for it.

The only warning we have is that it is addictive - so beware!

Why MDS?

MDS in an environment where everybody is a somebody.

Say goodbye to the feeling of overwhelm that the gym can bring. Our class numbers are small to create a community feel and a more personalised experience for you.

Classes can be modified to suit you and our trainers are experienced to make every class work for you.

We would love to have you as part of our community!

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I absolutely LOVE the studio, the classes and of course the incredible teacher! I have never been the most coordinated when it comes to dance but Kelly's Barre classes are something else. They target every single muscle in your body and I leave class feeling like I have had a fantastic workout while still feeling feminine. The studio is divine and is a beautiful place to have a workout! Thank you Kelly for all you do for your clients! We LOVE YOU!

Sarah W


Our classes are intentionally small to give you a personalised service where we can really focus on you.

We have different pricing options available to suit your lifestyle and offer a free trial for your first class.

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